What's New in GoodHuman Q4 2022

A recap of the feature launches and enhancements shipped in the last quarter of 2022.

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A recap of the feature launches and enhancements shipped in the last quarter of 2022.

There’s been a lot to be excited about this quarter at GoodHuman. We increased our rate of new features and enhancements, with a bi-weekly release cadence which brought more than 200 updates to the platform this quarter alone. We now have over 50 employees across Australia and New Zealand. And we recently celebrated the appointment of our new Chief Product Officer, Courtney Johnston. Courtney has been with GoodHuman since 2020, most recently as our Head of Growth. She is an expert in product-led growth, data-driven decision making and developing talent —  we are so excited for the next stage of GoodHuman’s product strategy with Courtney at the reigns.

We’ve marked the end of the year of releases with a pause on deployments to the GoodHuman platform until early January to ensure platform stability over the holiday period. Behind the scenes we’ll still be online supporting customers and working away at discovery for features on the horizon for next year. This includes new ways to manage customer intake, service agreements and more. Stay tuned for more updates in early 2023…

Meanwhile, read on for just some of this quarter's highlights:

Customer budgeting

A better way of working with budget insights.

Announced at our recent Support Coordination pre-release webinar was the recent release of our customer budgeting feature! This valuable feature enables anyone across a human services organisation to better manage customer budgets and keep them on track.

Highlights of the feature include:

Track customer spending at a glance

Across GoodHuman, managers can get immediate insights into a customer’s service spending with budget status badges on the customer list view and across their profile to indicate whether they are on track, overspending or underspending against their allocated budget.

Rich data that just makes sense

On the new service budget detail page, managers can view current spending activity as sophisticated graphs, time view approximations and hourly cadence to get instant feedback on spend over time. Support coordinators can decide whether to track in hours or dollars to understand the value of hours as they are billed.

Get the detail and visibility you've been missing with line item insights

Take a deep dive into spend per category, or go even more granular to analyse spend per line item and better understand how far ahead or behind funding utilisation is tracking.

Explore customer budgeting on GoodHuman → 

Team member location capture

Keep staff safe, billing records accurate and your organisation compliant.

A highly requested feature this year was the ability to capture frontline staff location at the start and end of shifts — so we made it happen.

When a team member checks in or out of their shift on the GoodHuman business app, a pinned map displaying their location with a timestamp is automatically synced to the workspace. This feature is a game-changer when it comes to helping organisations demonstrate proof of service delivery come audit time, increasing client and employee safety and ensuring recorded hours are kept accurate.

Several GoodHuman business app updates

Pinned alerts, activity groups and more.

The GoodHuman mobile team didn’t stop there. They released not one, not two, not three, but four (!) versions of the GoodHuman business app over the last quarter to help frontline staff get more out of each day. 

These included changes such as the ability to:

  • New look for Shifts: See location, customer information and more at a glance with a new look and feel on the shifts tab
  • Pinned alerts: View a customer’s pinned alerts (e.g flight risk or time-bound alerts) that are set in the workspace
  • Activity records: Create support coordination activity records against a customer whilst on the move
  • Group session activity groups: See assigned activity groups in a group shift, who they are assigned to and all the customers in those groups

Better controls for rostering group sessions

Ongoing enhancements to help organisations that offer group services to save more time.

Calculate capacity numbers for every time slot

Rostering for group sessions requires problem-solving superpowers. Trying to calculate support ratios against the session capacity across various times of the day is one of them! We made it even easier to see a breakdown of the number of team members recommended to meet rostering requirements per hour by bringing a time slot rostering breakdown to the forefront of every group activity.

This handy area displays the optimal number of team members for each session based on the ratio requirements for a specific time slot – ensuring you're never under or overstaffed at any point in the day.

2:1 and 1:1 assignments made simple

We’ve made it easier to assign team members to customers during a group session. This handy tool ensures whenever a customer has a specific 1:1 or 2:1 ratio attached to a booking time slot is front and centre for rostering managers, so customers are always best supported.

Continuous core platform enhancements

Manage customers and teams with greater ease.

In addition to introducing new features, our team is constantly deploying fixes, updates and enhancements based on customer insight and feedback to improve our core platform.

Take a closer look:

View more detail in customer funding packages

Dive into the detail of your customer funding packages. This enhancement makes it easier for support coordinators, customer engagement managers or anyone from customer-facing teams to understand how the service budgets are split with up-front allocated and budgeted funding information, plus the detail of line items within the support categories.

Mark anything as non-billable

Sometimes you may need to record line items for services delivered without passing the expense on to your customers. Simply mark them as non-billable at the point of creation to keep track of all services supplied. Mark it against support bookings, group sessions, or activity records at the individual customer level to sync it directly to payments.

Surface files via customer profiles

With the new Files tab, we’ve made important attachments more discoverable. Now, managers can simply head to the relevant customer profile to surface documents and attachments tagged to any customer via a booking, shift note or activity record.

Invite new team members at speed

Speedy workflows = happier managers! We’ve cut the time to invite a team member to the GoodHuman platform in half with the new bulk team member invite feature and updated permissions modal. This update streamlines how frontline staff and admin teams get up and running whilst giving managers more visibility and granular control over the customised permissions provided to each team member at the point of invitation.

Until next year...

What a year! We're so thankful for your continued support and feedback. We’d love to hear how these updates help your business work in new ways to save time and operate more efficiently.

Thanks for being with us on this journey as we reimagine the future of human services together. 

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