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Marcus sits on a beige couch in front of large windows. They have short black hair and are wearing a blue button-up shirt with navy trousers. Marcus is looking slightly past the camera, smiling as they hold their phone.
Rosie and Emma-Kate stand next to each other behind a short wall in an office space. Rosie has shoulder-length red hair and is wearing a black top and is typing on their laptop, smiling at the screen. Emma-Kate has shoulder-length brown hair and is wearing an orange t-shirt and laughs towards Rosie.
Rosie and Emma-Kate
Amanda and Conner stand next to each other and smile directly at the camera. Amanda has brown hair pulled back in a bun and is wearing a pink jumper with a black lanyard around their neck. Conner has no hair, earrings and is wearing a white t-shirt . They are folding their tattooed arms across their chest.
Amanda and Conner
South Yarra

All-in-one operating system

Customer management

Consolidate customer data to elevate your service experience and deliver personalised support at any scale.

Workforce management

Maximise everyone’s time and potential with smart rostering that matches skills and availability to individual customer requirements.

Smart billing and invoicing

Automate invoicing with speed and accuracy, with billing that connects to customer plans and government pricing guides such as the NDIA.

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Wise EmploymentWise Employment

Deliver services that are as individual as every customer

Mitchell stands outside a red office building, holding a takeaway coffee. Mitchell has short red hair and is wearing a bright blue t-shirt underneath a dark green jacket.

customer-centric to the core

Do more for every person

Asking customers to repeat their story is a thing of the past. GoodHuman has been built with customer goals, preferences and service agreements at the centre, to ensure every action your business takes is as unique as the people you support.  

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Chloe and Mitchell are standing next to each other, in front of large windows. Chloe has long blonde hair, wears a blue jumper and clear-framed glasses. Chloe smiles at Mitch, holding their phone. Mitch grins past the camera. Mitch has short brown hair and wears a red and blue striped button-up shirt.

employee empowerment

Do your best work

Put an end to stretched resources and burying staff in hours of unpaid overtime. Empower your teams with the tools they need to do their best work and enjoy it.

Colleen rests their arms on a short wall in an office space. Colleen has long dark hair, is wearing a green and black patterned jumper, a thin blue patterned scarf and colourful dangly earrings. They are smiling directly at the camera. A pink pot plant is in the foreground, slightly out of focus to the viewer’s left.

REMArkable transparency

Achieve more together

Unite your entire operation with real-time visibility that was never possible with disconnected software. GoodHuman is a single system that instantly surfaces the right information to the right people with ease, for smarter decision making across organisations of any size.

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Making powerful technology uncomplicated

Onboarding your way

Getting started is easy. GoodHuman is an intuitive platform designed to work with organisations of any size. Jump in with a 30-day free trial or have us tailor an onboarding program with flexible rollout options.

Guided by locals

Our Australia-based support team has the tools and know-how to build confidence in every user. And with proactive advice, videos and help articles, your teams can get more out of every workday.

Future-ready updates

Never settle for obsolete technology, with a platform that stays in-step with changes to technology and the human services sector. We are continuously improving the platform to ensure it evolves with your business.

Don’t let work get in the way of the job

Empower your frontline and office teams to work smarter, not harder. Eliminate mundane and manual tasks, so people can invest more effort focussing on what actually impacts customer outcomes.

With real-time visibility over their workday, frontline staff can check-in and out of bookings, review care information, submit customer notes, log travel and more.

Delightful technology

At the end of the day, people need simple tools to get things done.

GoodHuman has been designed so that it’s easy for anyone to connect to what they need to do their best work. Even for people who hate technology.

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customer STORY

‘GoodHuman is a breath of fresh air’

"GoodHuman provides room to personalise and refine our service delivery methods. It allows us to automate a large chunk of administration tasks, which ultimately releases our frontline teams to enhance our customer experiences across our range of services."

Paul Vaccaro

Innovation & Development Manager

Customer stories
customer STORY

‘From half a day to a 3-minute process’

WISE Employment introduced GoodHuman to reduce the administrative burden for their teams and achieve impact more efficiently.

“We partnered with GoodHuman to embark on a journey to achieve our strategic vision and most importantly to scale.”

Leesa Miller

Chief Financial Officer

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Technology that amplifies the good in the world

Every person, no matter who they are or where they’re from, will want support at some point in their lives. But even with many good humans in the world providing support for others, it’s not always easy to access services when you want them. We are changing that. 

Since 2018, GoodHuman has been developing a dynamic, future-ready technology platform that empowers human services organisations to deliver support in a way that is customer-centric, compliant and financially sustainable.

About GoodHuman
Connor smiles widely at the camera, holding their phone. Connor has no hair, is wearing a white t-shirt and has tattoos on their arms. They are wearing a white t-shirt and have tattoos on their arms.

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