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Marcus sits on a beige couch in front of large windows. They have short black hair and are wearing a blue button-up shirt with navy trousers. Marcus is looking slightly past the camera, smiling as they hold their phone.
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Rosie and Emma-Kate
Amanda and Conner stand next to each other and smile directly at the camera. Amanda has brown hair pulled back in a bun and is wearing a pink jumper with a black lanyard around their neck. Conner has no hair, earrings and is wearing a white t-shirt . They are folding their tattooed arms across their chest.
Amanda and Conner
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Purpose-built for NDIS service organisations

Stop forcing out-dated systems to do things they were never designed to do. One single platform brings your whole business together to reduce double handling and make decisions that have more impact.

Bring customer data together in one place to capture a better picture of every person and deliver personalised support.

Get the most out of everyone's time and potential with smart rostering and workforce management tools that reduce time on admin.

Stop scrambling through the NDIS price guide and manage by exception only as invoices are automated and bulk processed based on real-time data.

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Imagine the world working the way it should

Connor smiles widely at the camera, holding their phone. Connor has no hair, is wearing a white t-shirt and has tattoos on their arms. They are wearing a white t-shirt and have tattoos on their arms.

Employees spend more time on work that matters

Put an end to stretched resources and burying staff in hours of unpaid overtime. Empower your teams with the tools they need to do their best work and enjoy it.

Explore rostering
Chloe and Mitchell are standing next to each other, in front of large windows. Chloe has long blonde hair, wears a blue jumper and clear-framed glasses. Chloe smiles at Mitch, holding their phone. Mitch grins past the camera. Mitch has short brown hair and wears a red and blue striped button-up shirt.

Customers no longer have to retell their story

Author notes once, store them forever. GoodHuman matches customer preferences with workforce capability so you can deliver services as unique as your customers.

Explore customer records
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Technology that is a human asset — not a systems headache

Onboarding your way

Our success team provide a tailored onboarding program for your business with flexible rollout options.

Guided by locals

Be confident from day 1 with video resources, articles and a direct line to our friendly Australia-based support team.

Ready for the future

Never settle for obsolete tools. Leverage technology that is obsessed with innovation and the human services sector.

Since using GoodHuman, invoicing has literally transformed into a three-minute process.

Sally Burrell
Senior Financial Accountant

We chose GoodHuman because of the ability to have support workers access client profiles and sign in and out of shifts from their phones.

Fiona Sammut
Manager of Support Options

GoodHuman is a breath of fresh air. It provides room to personalise and refine our service delivery methods.

Paul Vaccaro
Innovation and Development Manager

GoodHuman has helped us with faster processing of timesheets and invoices.

Danielle McIver
Senior Customer Support Manager

Our frontline team spent two hours every afternoon journaling customer notes. We were driven to find a solution that could help us focus on prioritising support.

Peter Ebborn
IT Manager

I love that it's simple to use, looks great and is a one-stop shop for all services with one system.

Ab Gadi

GoodHuman gives us a competitive edge over other services.

Damian Rigney
Operations Director

Co-designed with disability industry leaders

GoodHuman was founded by experienced product maker and CEO Jonathan Murray to help businesses deliver more impact with transformational technology.

Since 2018, we’ve worked alongside leaders in the sector to ensure our platform responds to the unique challenges of this complex sector.

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A vision for universal support

Our team of experienced product makers, creative thinkers and technology leaders are all connected by the dogged ambition to reimagine the human services industry.

We work every day toward our mission to create a platform that helps people access, find and celebrate great support.

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