Support coordination

Remove unnecessary data entry and focus on billable hours that make a meaningful impact on customers.

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Know what to do next with your customer’s budget

Demystify the art of budgeting and get real-time feedback on how you are utilising your customer’s budget as it happens.

  • Get granular on the line item breakdown so you can advocate in plan reviews armed with data.
  • Switch between an hourly or dollar value to understand your customer’s spend in real-world terms.
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See how your team is tracking towards KPIs

Track the money-in against money-out of your support coordination services to bring customers and workforce insights together.

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Surface the content you need in a few clicks

Unify customer information on one source of truth and never miss a beat about who a customer is or what their preferences are.

  • Author notes once and store them forever. Create and view notes and documents to share with relevant parts of the business.
  • Build upon your organisation's internal IP with historical logs and time-based activity — instead of letting it get lost in excel sheets.
Manage customer records

Reclaim more time for meaningful work

Banish the admin burden with intuitive workflows and quickly generate a billable activity record directly from the customer’s profile.

  • GoodHuman stays one step ahead with pre-populated, automated activity record generation based on your recent activity.
  • Customise activity records to work for you — set a default time increment or apply a non-billable discount.

Show value even before the first meet and greet

Organise your customer enquiries to make it easier for everyone to get on the same page.

  • Generate sophisticated funding package quotes including category and line item level information about your services — plus your allocated budget split from external provider services.
  • Easily convert enquiries to active customers by creating a digital service agreement with the built-in NDIS pricing arrangement and limits and continue enriching their profile.
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Protect customer privacy with confidence

Restricted CoS access and service-level privacy permissions ensure your support coordination services and records are out of sight from the rest of your organisation.

  • Identity and permissions based infrastructure.
  • Decide who and when you share notes and distribute them as desired.
Audit-proof your organisation

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Automation you won't see anywhere else.



Audit-proof your organisation with GoodHuman.



Automatically generate invoices for the correct service, every time, on time.


Customer records

Deliver customer-directed care at scale with comprehensive customer records management.


Incident reporting

Automate the paper trail with incident workflows and get the right people to take action when it matters.

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Simplify your rostering with a smart system that helps you to manage changes on the fly.

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