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“Humans are not perfect, they don't fit into neat little boxes and rigid rules. We need to make things simple and faster for our customers, they don’t want to see all the red tape and processes. Our approach has been to own the problem, sort out the systems and help people to navigate the system.”

Diane Lynch

Chief Executive Officer

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“We're not an IT organisation, we're in human services. Our frontline team members spent two hours every afternoon journaling customer notes. It's dead time and it's not always accurate after the fact. We were driven to find a solution that could help us focus on prioritising support."

Peter Ebborn

IT Manager

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“GoodHuman is a breath of fresh air. It provides room to personalise and refine our service delivery methods. It allows us to automate a large chunk of administrative tasks, which ultimately releases our frontline teams to enhance our customer experience across our range of services."

Paul Vaccaro

Innovation and Development Manager

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How WISE Employment has partnered with GoodHuman

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“We partnered with GoodHuman to embark on a journey to achieve our strategic vision and most importantly to scale.”

Leesa Miller

Chief Financial Officer

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IMPROVING customer experiences

More time for support

A priority for WISE Employment was to ensure that all team members focused their expertise where it was needed most. Operational efficiency allows everyone to play to their strengths and work toward the same goal: delivering tailored, high-quality services to customers.

“Where GoodHuman is really helping is collecting all the information about our customers and putting it in one place. It’s easily accessible across the entire customer journey, so people don’t need to repeat their story to us again and again."

Leesa Miller, Chief Financial Officer

automating processes

From half a day to a three-minute process

Efficiency through automation was the only way WISE Employment could achieve growth without compromise. Introducing the GoodHuman platform has reduced the administrative burden for their teams and helped them achieve impact more efficiently.

“Since using GoodHuman, invoicing has literally transformed into a three-minute process. We’ve had feedback from managers that have told us we’ve given them back a full day a week from removing that unnecessary paperwork. It’s had a massive impact on our organisation.”

Sally Burrell, Senior Financial Accountant



Reduction in time spent on admin.


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