How WISE Employment Uses Automation To Reduce Admin Time By 99%

How WISE Employment Uses Automation To Reduce Admin Time By 99%

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It takes incredible efficiency to deliver services on the NDIS. With pricing arrangements and compliance constantly evolving, it has become much harder for non-profit organisations to offer bespoke services at a scale. With a proud 30-year history of delivering high-quality disability employment services to anyone who needs them, the leadership team at WISE Employment were challenged by the switch from block-funding models to NDIS pricing. In order to offer services on the NDIS without compromising on delivery, WISE looked to innovate their digital capabilities. Chief Financial Officer, Leesa Miller, explains.

“How could we remain true to our heart and our social connection to the communities we serve, while remaining economically viable? We knew the answer lay in automation and finding ways to simplify that end-to-end customer journey” says Leesa.

“That was where GoodHuman came into the picture and allowed our finance and back of house teams to really shine and add value to our customers and service delivery. It’s transformed our admin processes by taking the burden off our frontline support teams and bringing it back where it belongs,” she continues.

GoodHuman empowers WISE Employment to:

  • Operate with incredible efficiency. Time spent on invoicing alone has been reduced by 99% — transforming a half-day process to around three minutes.
  • Keep customers front and centre. Instead of being buried in paperwork, frontline support teams can focus on what they do best — delivering exceptional customer outcomes.
  • Continue viable growth. With workflows connected across their entire operation, the leadership team at WISE has the information they need to expand services and support more customers without compromise to the quality of service delivery.  

Invoicing that takes minutes, not hours

Invoicing for services on the NDIS was one of the most time-consuming pain points for WISE Employment — both for frontline and back of house teams. Raising 10-12 invoices was a half-day process that involved a ton of paperwork and manual checks across 3-4 different team members. There was also a high risk of inaccuracies at the start of the process, causing invoices to be rejected by the NDIA. This would start the process again, wasting hours of precious resources across the operation.

To tackle this all-too-common problem, GoodHuman uses connected workflows to ensure that every piece of information is accurate — from the customer service agreement and NDIS Pricing, to staff timesheets. Invoice processing and bulk uploads that used to take hours per week can now be completed in a matter of minutes.

“Since using GoodHuman, invoicing has literally transformed into a three minute process. We’ve had feedback from managers that have told us we’ve given them back a full day a week from removing that unnecessary paperwork. It’s had a massive impact on our organisation.”
— Sally Burrell, Senior Financial Accountant, WISE Employment

Streamlined operations that support customer outcomes

A priority for WISE when looking at automation was to ensure that all team members focused their expertise where it was needed most. This operational efficiency allows everyone to play to their strengths and work toward the same goal: delivering tailored, high-quality services to customers.

“Where GoodHuman is really helping is collecting all the information about our customers and putting it in one place,” says Leesa. “It’s easily accessible across the entire customer journey, so people don’t need to repeat their story to us again and again. We have multidisciplinary teams across OT and employment services, so a central point of information means they can easily jump in and help a customer with their different goals,” she explains.  

“We’re driving better outcomes for customers because everyone’s skills are better utilised. Frontline teams have the information they need to deliver better support and automation means our back of house teams can manage admin tasks without all the manual input from the frontline.”
— Leesa Miller, Chief Financial Officer, WISE Employment

Delivering growth without compromise

In the 10 years since Leesa joined WISE Employment, she’s seen the organisation triple in size. During this time, the organisation has also navigated through the shift from block-funding models to supporting customers on the NDIS. This shift in funding required new thinking to ensure the organisation stayed viable without compromising its commitment to their customers.

“Quality tailor-made services are traditionally driven at a low volume, high cost model. As a modern day non-profit, how do you flip that script and deliver a high volume, low margin service (as specified by the NDIS) while still protecting that quality and commitment to your customers?,” asks Leesa. That thinking led them on the path to digital transformation — finding ways to streamline their operations.

“Efficiency through automation was the only way we could achieve growth without compromise. GoodHuman is already helping us provide a better customer experience, putting us in a position to begin replicating that at scale.” — Leesa Miller, Chief Financial Officer, WISE Employment

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