Digital service agreements

Bookings, billing and customer data is driven  by digital service agreements — creating automation that you won’t see anywhere else.

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Billing engine

Automate your billing calculation

Stop looking up line items - GoodHuman's automated billing engine selects the most accurate line item from the customer's service agreement to charge for a booking based on all conditions, reducing your billing time from hours to minutes.

    Built-in NDIS pricing
    Service schedules

    Create a schedule of support

    Build out accurate and comprehensive quotes by applying the relevant days and times you wish to provide a service to a customer in GoodHuman. Save time by adding transport before and after a booking, the appropriate ratio, as well as automatically charging for any non face-to-face claims.


      Stay compliant with time-based alerts

      Ensure you’re always up to date with your customer service agreements. GoodHuman will automatically drive warnings to alert you when a service agreement is approaching expiry, based on the number of days notice configured to your business.


        Signed, sealed and delivered

        Speed up the signing process with a single source of truth. Simply download a customer’s digital service agreement as a PDF, email it or print it out for signing and then mark it as signed on GoodHuman.


          Keep track of every change

          Breeze through audit-time with foolproof versioning history that allows anyone to make (and track!) service agreement edits on the fly.

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            Explore more features for every part of your team, from service delivery to compliance.

            Service agreements

            Automation you won't see anywhere else.



            Audit-proof your organisation with GoodHuman.



            Automatically generate invoices for the correct service, every time, on time.


            Customer records

            Deliver customer-directed care at scale with comprehensive customer records management.


            Incident reporting

            Automate the paper trail with incident workflows and get the right people to take action when it matters.



            Simplify your rostering with a smart system that helps you to manage changes on the fly.