Incident reporting

Automate the paper trail with incident workflows and get the right people to take action when it matters.

Never go looking for an incident report paper trail again

Audit-proof your NDIS organisation and breeze through repetitive processes by creating customisable Incident workflows in GoodHuman.

Screen recording of creating a custom workflow in the GoodHuman app.Screenshot of adding an incident report in the GoodHuman app.Screen recording of an Incident Reporting workflow in the GoodHuman app.Screen recording of approving workflow steps in the GoodHuman app
Screen recording of creating a custom workflow in the GoodHuman app.

Customise workflows to your business

Set a trigger, assign actions and designate your approvers. Now you're ready to push your workflow live across your organisation.

Screenshot of adding an incident report in the GoodHuman app.

Submit incident reports on the fly

Frontline team members can complete incident reports during their shift right from the GoodHuman app.

Screen recording of an Incident Reporting workflow in the GoodHuman app.

Keep tasks moving forward

Get a quick view of all the session details; including date, time, attachments and forms all visible on one screen. Complete the actions outlined in the workflow step and click next to send it onward.

Screen recording of approving workflow steps in the GoodHuman app

Approve reports with confidence

Once all steps are completed, administrators can either send the workflow back to get more information or approve the work done!

Connect the right people to solve the right problems

Build around your processes

Create a workflow template for each type of incident and capture more detail with every report.

Make compliance easy

Quickly build drag-and-drop Forms or use our incident-standard report to get started in seconds.

Audit-proof your organisation

Breeze through evidencing as each incident workflow links to the customer, the team members and the service delivered.

Stay in step with time-sensitive tasks

Keep tasks moving forward. Notifications and emails alert your assigned team members whenever actions or approvals are triggered.

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About Incident reporting

What is an NDIS incident reporting system?

An incident reporting system helps NDIS and human services organisations track, manage and approve incidents such as assaults, illnesses or near misses that occur during the delivery of support.

Why choose GoodHuman for incident reporting?

GoodHuman's connected operating system means that every service, booking and billing links directly back to customer information and their service agreement. Come audit time, it's easy to trace back and tell a more complete picture of every customer's story.

Is it necessary to report incidents to the NDIS?

There are certain types of incidents, like deaths, serious injury or abuse that are considered incidents that must be reported to the NDIS. Read the NDIS resources to learn more about reportable incidents.

What to include in an incident report form?

Workplace incident reporting procedures may include recording what you have seen and heard — including the details of any witnesses; recording the time, place and setting of the incident; recording what happened directly before and after the incident and what treatment or care was provided.

What is GoodHuman?

GoodHuman creates technology to amplify the good that already exists in the world.

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