Subscription pricing

Ensure long term success with a plan that's tailored to your needs.

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Reduce time spent on admin and achieve efficiency through automation.

active team member / month
+ custom implementation fee
Minimum 10 users
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Customer management


Track your customer records in one place so staff are all on the same page.

Client profiles

Find details of customer support needs, medications, conditions and behaviours all in the one tab.

Digital service agreements

Store your clients' digital service agreements so they can be used for billing.

Shift notes

View all the historical shift and general notes about your customers in one place.

Client goals

Keep track of your clients goals so your team can stay laser focused.

Real-time budget tracker

Get visibility of the amount your clients have spent and forecasted to spend.

Document management

Upload documents in a range of formats to customer records and manage visibility to frontline workers.

Workforce management

Booking scheduler

Easily manage multiple bookings in advance and broadcast unfilled shifts within the booking calendar.

Skills matching

Match the customer to the ideal team member based on the customer’s conditions, needs and preferences.

Incident management

Triage incident reports in real-time, so critical information gets in front of the right people to take action.

Conflict & compliance alerts

Tag and track compliance documents with configurable time-based alerts warning you of approaching expiration.

Instant messaging

Get in touch with your frontline team members in real-time and keep conversation history in one place.

Frontline staff app

Check in and out of shifts, access client records, record shift notes and make travel claims on the go.


Frontline staff can record travel expenses which feeds automatically into the total cost of the booking.

User permission controls

Give the right people access to the right information.

NDIS invoicing

NDIS price guide

GoodHuman stores and applies the latest NDIS price guide so you always know you’re in step with changes.

Accounting software integration

GoodHuman billing is directly compatible with Xero, KeyPay and MYOB.

Automatic invoicing

Automatically generate and send invoices to plan and self managers at the click of a button.

Advanced warning system

Get notified of any roadblocks to payment for rapid issue rectification.

Rejection handling

Reconcile any rejected invoices and generate a credit note configured to your finance system.

Bulk processing

Process thousands of invoices at the click of a button or apply a range of filters to process a select few.

Debtor management

A central repository of all plan and self managers used by your customers.


‘Get started’ guide

An easy to follow step-by-step guide to get your team up and running right away.

Tailored onboarding

A personalised onboarding process to ensure you get the platform set up the way you want it.

Data migration services

Assistance migrating data from your existing systems into GoodHuman.

Platform configuration

Our team help you to align the platform with your business processes.

Support & training

Help centre resources

A library of step-by-step guides so you can learn at your own pace.

Local support team

Australia-based support team available from 9am-5pm weekdays.

Ongoing training

Keep everyone up to date with the latest features and using the platform to its fullest potential.

Platform configuration

Our team help you to align the platform with your business processes.


Open API

The GoodHuman programming interface made available to your software developers.

Custom integration work

Work with our development team to connect systems to the GoodHuman platform.


How do my team start using GoodHuman?

When you are ready, it’s easy to invite your team members to join GoodHuman. From the workspace, you will send a pre-filled email and text message invitation with a link to download the GoodHuman business app or access the workspace.

How long does it take to get set up?

Implementation and onboarding timelines vary depending on a number of factors such as the size of your business and the complexity of your systems architecture. We work with each client to develop a tailored onboarding plan that meets your business timelines, ensures the platform aligns with your business processes and gives your team the tools they need to use the platform successfully.

What type of support will I receive?

Our Australia-based customer success team is available during business weekdays, 9 am - 5 pm AEST. You will also have access to a comprehensive Help Centre with step-by-step support articles for every workflow across the GoodHuman workspace and business app. Your team can access these articles in the workspace or mobile app.

How secure is my data in GoodHuman?

GoodHuman’s permissions infrastructure gives you complete control over who can access information within your platform at any given time.

GoodHuman is compliant with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).

All data is encrypted in transit and at rest to safeguard your organisation’s data. Refer to our Privacy Policy for more detail.

How does billing work?

Businesses are billed up front based on the number of active users at the start of the billing period. The billing period can be either monthly, yearly or over multiple years.

How are users counted towards billing? And what is an ‘active user?

An ‘active user’ is any staff member that has logged in to the workspace in the last month, or any business app users who have completed at least two shifts.  We employ a ‘fair pricing policy’ so that you pay a fixed rate across your subscription period, so any changes in number of users won’t affect billing until your next billing period.

What are the ways I can pay?

You can pay monthly or annually upfront via bank transfer.

Is there a minimum cost to use GoodHuman?

Subscriptions start at $25 per user per month. The software implementation fee is a one off payment that can be scaled up or down based on the complexity of your implementation needs.

What happens if new staff join or someone leaves?

You pay a fixed rate across your billing period, so any changes in number of users won’t affect billing until your next billing period (monthly or yearly).

What type of business is GoodHuman best for?

GoodHuman is currently best suited to Australian NDIS businesses with at least 50 employees, looking for an all-in-one service delivery platform.

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