Demystify the art of budgeting with customer budget insights in GoodHuman.

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Get a birds-eye view of customer spending

Get immediate insights into customer’s service spending with budget status badges that provide high-level indication of whether they are on-track, overspending or underspending against their allocated budget.


    Track spend in a way that makes sense to you

    Get out of excel once and for all. Sophisticated graphs, time view approximations and hourly cadence helps you get instant feedback on spend over time


      Plan ahead and make adjustments on the fly

      Get real-time data of customer’s planned and projected spend of any service.

        LINE ITEMS

        Break down budgets by line item

        Take a deep dive into specific instances that make up a customer’s budget by looking at the spend per category, or get even more granular to explore spend per line item.


          Optimise your hours claimed

          See whether the pace that you are currently claiming for support coordination services for each customer is going over, under, or on track to meet their ideal allocated budget per week.

            Support coordination services

            All features

            Explore more features for every part of your team from bookings to billings and compliance.

            Service agreements

            Automation you won't see anywhere else.



            Audit-proof your organisation with GoodHuman.



            Automatically generate invoices for the correct service, every time, on time.


            Customer records

            Deliver customer-directed care at scale with comprehensive customer records management.


            Incident reporting

            Automate the paper trail with incident workflows and get the right people to take action when it matters.



            Simplify your rostering with a smart system that helps you to manage changes on the fly.


            Want to see it in action?

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