Group services

Connect all the moving parts and people involved in delivering group, centre-based and supported employment disability services on one easy-to-use platform.

Session Management

Manage by exception

Set and forget the schedule for regular recurring centre-based and group activities. GoodHuman's advanced warning system will let you know when something needs your attention – including outstanding shift notes or overtime.


Leave the calculations to us

GoodHuman automatically generates invoices – including apportioning group fees and claims for non-face-to-face support, capital centre costs and travel – based on the details of each booking and the relevant line items listed in each customers’ service agreement.

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Assign the right people to the right shifts

Simplify your rostering process with an intelligent system that helps you to manage changes on the fly.

GoodHuman displays at a glance the optimal number of team members recommended for every group session, per hour – ensuring compliance requirements are met and customers best supported.

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Mobile access

Let your team focus on what’s most important

View shifts, create shift notes, and capture incident reports from the GoodHuman app. With quick access to each customer’s care information from their pocket and instant updates on assigned activity groups, location and more, team members can plan before every shift.

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