Customer records

Deliver customer-directed care at scale with comprehensive and connected customer records management.

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Know who your customers are

Don’t go searching for important information. Both admin and frontline teams can view all important customer care information and alert levels, including support needs, medication, historical notes and more.

  • Permanent conditions
  • Support needs
  • General information
  • Medications
  • Behaviours
skills matching

Match your customers to the right team members

Deliver quality support tailored to every customer's unique needs and preferences.

GoodHuman's powerful rostering engine matches your customers to ideal team members based on a configurable set of options, including:

  • Experience with a customer's permanent conditions
  • Relevant skills to meet a customer's support needs
  • The customer's own team member preferences
  • Speaks the same language
  • Shares the same religion
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Customer intake

Gather client information in the same place you store it

Help your customers tell their story — not retell it. Intake forms automatically generate GoodHuman customer profiles to end the need for double-handling data and wasted time on admin.

  • Automatic syncing
  • Version control
  • Data verification
  • Industry-standard templates
Customer intake forms

Keep critical information front and centre

Pin any ‘need to know’ information to the customer record and ensure critical customer information is easily discoverable to your frontline and admin teams.

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    Service agreements

    Automation you won't see anywhere else.



    Audit-proof your organisation with GoodHuman.



    Automatically generate invoices for the correct service, every time, on time.


    Customer records

    Deliver customer-directed care at scale with comprehensive customer records management.


    Incident reporting

    Automate the paper trail with incident workflows and get the right people to take action when it matters.



    Simplify your rostering with a smart system that helps you to manage changes on the fly.