Simplifying Support Coordination on GoodHuman

Simplifying Support Coordination on GoodHuman

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Today, we were joined by 149 human services leaders via a live webinar to announce the transformational features that are on our delivery roadmap for Support Coordination businesses and the human services industry broadly.

These new capabilities result from interviews and research with support coordination customers and businesses around Australia. We heard you loud and clear. Cumbersome time spent accounting for your work takes more time than the work itself. Surfacing customer information and sharing it across your organisation is time-consuming at best, and frustrating at worst. Getting real-time insight into whether your business is successful or not (and why!) and making agile decisions can’t be done via reporting on excel sheets months after the fact.

Our team consolidated these challenges into three key themes — transparency, time and visibility —  to design the future for support coordination on GoodHuman. Our innovation pipeline seeks to solve these problems using technology that’s intuitive, interconnected and gets out of the way of you doing good work. 

If you missed the event, you can view the webinar recording on-demand or keep reading for a highlight of the capabilities we shared at the event that will simplify and streamline the way Support Coordination business (and human services organisations more broadly) operate.

Surface and create customer information confidently with one connected source of truth

  • Manage and consolidate customer information in a unified way across your business to build upon your organisation's internal IP  — instead of letting it get lost in excel sheets. 
  • Explore a centralised repository of contact information about external providers; who they are, their contact details, services and customer preferences.
  • Create and distribute funding packages that automatically pull line items from the in-built NDIS price guide as quotes for customers to approve
  • Author notes once and store them forever. Create and view notes and documents to share (and keep secure) with relevant parts of the business.

Reclaim more time for meaningful work with clients

  • Quickly create activity records from a customer profile or in the GoodHuman app during initial planning meet and greets while you’re on the go.
  • Write down your to-do’s and reminders in GoodHuman that are connected to each customer's profile so you can return to the essential details.
  • Speed up quarterly reporting using pre-populated digital forms and workflows.

Future-proof your business with real-time visibility into budgeting and workforce KPIs

  • Access immediate insights into customers' budgeting to avoid last-minute surprises.
  • Make data-informed decisions about whether to maximise spending if it is under budget or request an NDIS review if you’re spending it more quickly than they need.
  • Stop retroactively reporting and understand your workforce utilisation as it happens. 
  • Track money-in against money-out and review top performers with KPI tracking.
  • Get a birds-eye view of your business success with an insights dashboard.

Keen to learn more? Watch the webinar event recording or get in touch with the GoodHuman team today to see how GoodHuman could work for your business.

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