How Can We Support Every Human, Everywhere?

How Can We Support Every Human, Everywhere?

Jonathan Murray
CEO and Founder, GoodHuman
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Every one of us will need support at some point in our lives. GoodHuman’s vision is to make universal support the cornerstone of the human experience. But what is “universal support” exactly and what makes it so important? We wanted to take a moment to share what the concept of universal support means to us and what we’re doing to achieve it for everyone, everywhere.

What is universal support?

We define universal support as the idea that to truly look after one another, we need to accept that there are minimum standards for a quality of life that everyone should have access to.

In action, universal support would give everyone choice and control over the support they receive regardless of where they were born, who they know, or how much money they have.

It would level the playing field to allow everyone to enjoy the extraordinary experience of leading life the way they want, with support a fundamental part of the human experience.

This is not a new concept, but it’s one that motivated GoodHuman’s founder and CEO, Jonathan Murray, to do something about it. He believes that humans are at their very best when we tap into our empathy. After living in Norway for many years, it became clear to Jonathan that the country’s true strength was not its high GDP or spectacular fjords, it’s the culture of generosity and care for one another. The core values and belief that every citizen should have access to essentials such as health care, support, housing, and education. “It gives people incredible confidence that we are going to be ok and everyone is better for it. Those things shouldn’t be out of reach for anyone,” he explains.

Having access to universal support means that anyone who needs support can connect with someone who provides it, easily. That is not the reality of the world we live in today. It can be challenging to even ask for support, let alone get access to it anywhere in the world. But Jonathan sees enough care and compassion every day to believe that a global shift toward this attitude is inevitable.

“The world is already home to incredible people who are changing lives with their empathy for others — whether it’s supporting their own family or selflessly helping strangers. There are already tens of thousands of remarkable organisations around the world that exist to support people in every way,” explains Jonathan.

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I am inspired by the support organisations that we engage with today and it's amazing to see what happens when every human is looked at with love and compassion. One day, we will all see that it’s not just the kinder way to live, it’s also in our self-interest to work together to move our world forward.

Jonathan Murray
CEO and Founder, GoodHuman

The role of technology in achieving this vision

GoodHuman’s mission is “To create a platform that empowers people to connect with each other to access, provide, and celebrate great support.”

While we have a big global vision, our mission is simple. To harness the good that already exists in the world and remove the barriers that stand in the way for people accessing or providing support. GoodHuman isn’t a support provider — there are plenty of organisations that do a great job of that already. We’re a technology company that believes it’s time that human services benefit from the kind of innovation that so many other industries already take for granted.

We have created an operating system that makes it easier for people to create and build businesses that deliver services to people in communities wherever they’re needed. We’re making connecting with those support services as easy as ordering food delivery or booking a holiday from your phone because everyone deserves to have choice and control over how they live their lives.

Join us on this journey

If the concept of universal support excites you in any way, we invite you to join us on this journey. Whether you’re looking to provide services, connect to them for yourself or a loved one, or even work with us to achieve our vision — we’re all part of the same picture. You can learn more about the GoodHuman platform and what we’re doing at

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Jonathan Murray

CEO and Founder, GoodHuman

Jonathan created GoodHuman as he knew there had to be a better way to discover, consume and provide support. His mother was a carer for more than 30 years and his brother and sister-in-law both have disabilities. GoodHuman was founded to help get everyone on the same page.

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