What's New in GoodHuman Q3 2022

Explore new features and updates to the GoodHuman platform over the last quarter.

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A recap of the feature launches and enhancements shipped in the last quarter of 2022 to enable GoodHuman users to better manage their workforce and support every customer.

Over the last few months, we launched several essential product enhancements and features to help human services organisations do more on GoodHuman. 

Our team shipped over 178 user stories (that’s product language for things you do on GoodHuman), 24 features and numerous light enhancements to GoodHuman in the last quarter alone. 

We’ve got big ambitions and big-ticket launches on the docket for this year, as well as a commitment to consistently ship new and impactful features to improve core features you use every day.  

Let’s take a look at some of the most recent updates.

Incident workflows

Customise and build incident reporting, tracking and approval workflows around your processes.

Never again be bogged down by finding and approving an incident paper trail with the new Incident reporting upgrade in GoodHuman. We reimagined what it means to empower teams to meaningful action on incidents with our new workflow tool designed for incident reporting. We know how important it is to ensure incidents are tracked and recorded thoroughly to ensure operational compliance — and a notes tool just didn’t fit this brief.

Purpose-built from the ground up, our new Incident workflow feature enables workspace administrators to build and customise their workflow templates for incidents. Organisations can set standardised processes around every incident captured by frontline teams in the GoodHuman app and the workspace to ensure the correct information is triaged to the appropriate person every time.

Explore Incident reporting on GoodHuman → 

Form builder

Standardise each incident report and capture more meaningful data with customisable forms.

Hand-in-hand with Incident workflows, meet the all-new Forms feature! Digital forms are just another step toward our goal to remove paper from the world (yes — we did say we were ambitious). 

Previously, frontline team members could submit incident reports within the GoodHuman app via an open field text box that could be tagged to a specific customer, or multiple, within a shift. Now, with the introduction of Forms in GoodHuman, you can embed specific types of forms within each incident report workflow for everyone from frontline team to workspace adminstrators to complete.

Simply use the drag-and-drop builder to build a new form or get started in minutes by duplicating our industry-standard report template. 

Availability management

Flexibly manage your team’s working hours and better utilise your workforce in one place.

GoodHuman is an all-in-one service delivery platform. We believe service delivery platforms shouldn’t have to ask their customers to do integrations with other rostering platforms to manage their workforce effectively. In GoodHuman, all your team’s data, such as their skills and preferences, experience with particular customers, notes and more, find their home under the one intuitive interface for seamless handover of information.

Unlocking the full potential of your support workforce is now made even easier with the ability to flexibly manage team member availability within GoodHuman — and provide them with the access to request leave right from the GoodHuman app. This data drives GoodHuman’s smart rostering tool, so each time you create a new shift, you can see who is the best fit based on their availability, pending leave requests or off-days.

GoodHuman app enhancements

Support your frontline team's daily tasks to run with greater ease.

We gave the GoodHuman app a fresh coat of paint and an extra helping of new features and capabilities in the last quarter to help every team member feel more prepared for every shift and remove the time spent on admin.

Highlights of the update include:

  • In-app availability and leave management Team members can now request leave and set their scheduled availability from within the app to be synced directly to the workspace, so workspace admins can better plan for upcoming roster gaps.
  • Prompts for incident reports Customisable incident reporting forms on every shift ensure critical information is never missed.
  • A quick view of 'Things to do’ Nestled at the very top of the home page, team members can view which tasks require their urgent attention such as pending shifts awaiting confirmation or shifts yet to check out.
  • Log sleepover disturbance Easy to use fields for logging sleep disturbances in shift notes are now available to help team members set time of care provided to accurately reflect in timesheets.

Continuous core platform updates

Explore enhancements to rostering, payments and services.

In addition to introducing new major features, we’ve made several updates to the things teams do every day to improve how sessions are run and scheduled based on customer insight and feedback.

Core platform features and ongoing enhancements make up a significant part of our innovation roadmap for the year and the below changes only pave the way for new rostering upgrades and more to come. Take a closer look:

Set attendance in bulk at the schedule level

It's easier to set and forget recurring sessions in a schedule as in addition to setting transport and custom ratios, managers can make even more refined adjustments the time of attendance for each individual customer or team member in a series of bookings. This especially supports rostering for group booking schedules, where different team members or customers may arrive at specific designated times on certain days.

Identify errors at double the speed in payments

With new filters in the payments section of GoodHuman, finance teams can quickly sort by waived, rejected or re-approved invoices to keep work moving. We’ve also updated our warning management system for the ability to hover over any error notification to view more detail and resolve with confidence.

Handle shift clashes with less stress

To allow managers to create roster templates without the double-handling, GoodHuman helps rostering managers get the information they need upfront about which what services team members are rostered on and if there is a shift clash. New controls enable admins to override these warnings and decide to roster a worker to concurrent or overlapping shifts where necessary to be automatically updated across the roster view and timesheets.

Comfortably coordinate sleepover shifts

Whether you've defined a specific sleepover period, or set the entire shift as a sleepover, GoodHuman will automate all your sleepover booking billings and populate it with data from team members who log disturbances via the GoodHuman app. No manual calculations or reporting required.

Support coordination capabilities

Building new powerful tools for support coordinators.

We’ve heard loud and clear from many large enterprise providers and smaller specialist businesses about the significant operational overhead caused when running support coordination across multiple disparate tools and outdated technology. We’re aspiring to change that.

Over the last few months, we’ve introduced ways to make it easier to ensure document privacy, help with navigation and searching historical customer notes.

Our focus has now shifted to developing and shipping a range of additional new capabilities for Support Coordinators that speed up support coordinators' everyday tasks, remove unnecessary data entry and allow them to focus on billable hours that make a tangible impact on customers.

This includes new streamlined workflows for support coordinators to create activity records at speed and a new budgeting experience to help coordinators better understand customer funding utilisation. We're also introducing a connected experience for coordinators on the move with the GoodHuman app.

But that's not all! If you’re keen to learn more about Support Coordination on GoodHuman, register your interest for our upcoming webinar event by sending a message to the team here or send a note to hello@goodhuman.me.

What’s next

We’re chuffed to look back on the progress over 2022, but it hasn’t been without your learning and insights. 

This year we’ve had the opportunity to visit partner organisations around Australia and welcome them into our office to co-design new, upcoming products. These include significant investments into our core Rostering platform, an all-new Support Independent Living feature like nothing on the market today and a reinvigorated customer-facing experience. Plus, major in-product UI enhancements to reflect our new bold brand identity experience are underway.

There’s a lot ahead of us, but we’ve built the team to get there. Since Jan, our team has more than doubled to a group of 34 (and counting) individuals, all backed by the ambition to give human services the technology it deserves

As always, our product leaders read every ticket, request and feedback from customers. The trends and customer feedback are what shape the future of GoodHuman. We love to hear how these product innovations have helped you and your business work more efficiently and effectively. 

Thanks for being with us on this journey as we reimagine the future of human services together. 

Want to join us? Talk to our sales team today to see how GoodHuman could work for your business.

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