Bold, Optimistic and Clear: A Look at GoodHuman's New Visual Identity

Georgie Leslie
Chief Marketing Officer
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Every person, no matter who they are or where they’re from, will want support at some point in their lives. But even with many good humans in the world providing support for others, it’s not always easy to access services when you want them. We are changing that.

Since 2018, GoodHuman has been developing a dynamic technology platform that empowers human services organisations to deliver support in a way that is customer-centric, compliant, and financially sustainable. Our goal isn’t simply to build software that makes it more efficient to provide support . It’s to contribute to a world where anyone — whoever and wherever they are — can easily access the support they want to live the life they choose. 

Since our launch, we’ve found many brilliant human services organisations that share this vision along with excitement and optimism for the future of service delivery for human services. Recently, our team has been working hard to find a way to share the story of GoodHuman in a way that expresses this shared optimism and the celebration of support and human connection.

We wanted to develop a brand that more accurately reflects the people we serve and speaks honestly to who we are and what we care about. A brand that has this optimism and our values baked into everything we do, in every interaction our customers have with us.

The result of this work is a refresh of our visual identity. From today you will notice that our website and communication look very different. You will also start to see these changes appearing across our platform. Our name and our vision remains unchanged. We’re the same company at heart, committed to the same values — but with a new identity.

Bold, optimistic and clear — a new colour palette

Our previous branding was friendly and welcoming, but our new visual identity is about giving power and choice to the people who want support and those who provide it. Bold optimism, empowerment and clarity is reflected with a new core colour palette of yellow, white and black.

We want to show that we’re empowering our customers to be clear and direct and making it super easy for people to get what they want. Our customers have also shown us that they aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo. We wanted to reflect both that clarity and sense of fearless optimism, which is why we have chosen these colours.

Sharing stories through imagery

The best way to make sure our visual identity truly reflects our customers is to showcase their achievements and share more of their stories. Our customers are now reflected in our imagery through real world photography and illustrations based on real people — both customers and employees of GoodHuman. 

Our photos show real customers to elevate the energy that exists within human services — no emotionless stock imagery or sympathetic photos. Our photography style is deliberately powerful and direct to capture a truer essence of the people that operate in the human services sector.

Our illustration style has evolved to be more realistic, too. People often use terms like “everyday” or “ordinary” to describe themselves, but all humans are so varied and interesting. There was no need for us to use characters when more natural imagery can represent the true diversity and uniqueness of humans.

Staying true to our values

One thing that has not changed is our core values as a business. We have made some updates to the way we express ourselves, but not in our commitment to make life easier for those delivering or accessing support services. 

Human services is a sector that has been broadly unloved by the tech industry and we are fiercely determined to change that. We have always set out to build a company that isn’t just adequate for the sector — but one that goes above and beyond to deliver what the industry really deserves. Being considered with our new branding and identity is a piece of that larger journey.

Our values

Lead with empathy. We are driven by empathy, not sympathy, because everyone will want or provide support at some point in their lives. We consider the experience of others to realise our vision and create lasting impact in the world.

Be a selfless collaborator. Humans are always better together. We volunteer our ideas openly, embrace diverse perspectives, influence change and celebrate our collective achievements.

Pursue relentless perfectionism. We take big swings to achieve perfection in an industry that has long accepted adequate. We are committed to creating exceptional experiences for everyone; chasing goals with dogged determination.

Act with courageous curiosity. We’re not afraid to ask questions and challenge the status quo. We bring about lasting, transformative change through creative ideas and bold actions.

Our personality

Imaginative. We have an insatiable curiosity that drives us to think aloud, to experiment, to push the boundaries of what’s been done before. Don’t mistake us for dreamers with our heads in the clouds — we harness the power of creative imagination to turn ideas into reality.

Optimistic. Our glass is half-full, always. By focusing on the good that exists in the world, we find ways to amplify it and put it within reach of everyone who wants it. 

Bold. We don’t shy away from a challenge. Everything we do is customer-centric so we are unapologetic in calling out where they are being let down — and doing something about it. 

Self-assured. We trust in our ideas and tenacious drive to make it easy for all people to find and get support from others when they want it. Our confidence comes from an unwavering belief that we can and will change the way things work. 

We believe strongly in this new expression of our brand, built on the foundation of our values and the change we want to see in the world for people accessing and providing support. We hope it resonates with you just as powerfully.

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Georgie Leslie

Chief Marketing Officer

Georgie has been helping iconic Australian brands tell their story for more than 15 years. She was first exposed to the benefits of support when her parents took her to a speech therapist at age 2. The family joke continues that she hasn’t stopped talking since.

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