How To Unlock the Full Potential of Your Workforce

How To Unlock the Full Potential of Your Workforce

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The support industry in Australia is facing a severe shortage of workers. In 2020, more than two-thirds (69%) of disability support organisations received requests for support they were unable to provide because they did not have the capacity. Shortages are an increasing problem for the industry at large and there are measures that service provider organisations can put in place right now to ensure your existing workforce is operating at its fullest potential.  

A recent survey we conducted of frontline support workers found that a quarter (25%) of part-time and casual team members would like to be working more hours. We also found that staff enjoy the flexibility of part-time and casual work, so this should be considered a strength. The key is getting the balance right so that team members are working the hours they want, in the most effective way possible. As an employer, the last thing you want is some staff working 20 hours a week when they want to be doing 30, while others are doing overtime unnecessarily.

There are NDIS rostering software tools out there that can help your administrators automate tasks such as filling empty shifts and managing break compliance, but these solutions often take a ‘one size fits all’ approach to casual and shift work. What they lack is a deep understanding of the NDIS and the different nature of disability support work compared to other industries such as nursing or retail.

GoodHuman is not just focused on making NDIS rostering easier. We want to help support providers to be more deliberate in the way they match their workers to customers and shifts, creating better outcomes for everyone.  

The smartest NDIS rostering software works with your entire operation

Technology can make rostering easier, but it’s not ‘smart’ if it runs in isolation from the rest of your operation.

GoodHuman’s platform is an entire operating system for your organisation, keeping smart rostering functions in sync with the needs of your operation. This connectivity means that scheduling is linked to your staff costs within the NDIS price guide and the Social, Community, Home Care and Disability Services Industry Award (SCHADS) award. It also serves your staff and customers by being linked to more intricate details that are essential to a smooth-running operation such as employee profiles, customer goals, history, and service agreements.

The deep integration with customers and your entire organisation makes GoodHuman’s rostering function one-of-a-kind, in that it can pair customers with team members based on any number of attributes — from their location and availability to speciality experience and whether they have worked with the customer before. What’s more, as case notes are available within the same app, staff have all the information they need to prepare them for every shift they accept.

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Smart rostering drives better outcomes for everyone

By ensuring that all staff are working to their nominated capacity, you minimise the need to turn customers away due to workforce shortages. Smart NDIS rostering software lets staff remain flexible while helping you identify where true gaps exist for recruitment — and where they can be filled by your existing team.

For disability support organisations, smart rostering has even more far-reaching benefits that extend well beyond efficient teams. The right matches between support workers and their customers lead to better outcomes and a more satisfied, engaged workforce.

When you align team members to the right clients, everyone benefits. Customer expectations are satisfied (or exceeded) when they receive more personalised care from the team members most suited to provide it. When your staff feel like they’re making a valued contribution and are getting the hours they need, retaining people becomes a lot easier.

“We know that support workers have an incredibly unique relationship with their customers. When it works well, customers enjoy their company and there is strong job satisfaction for staff. After all, improving quality of life is why they do it in the first place. We want to help service organisations be more deliberate in the way they match their workers — better aligning skills and experience to the right clients.”

— Andrew Erskine, Chief Operating Officer, GoodHuman

Drive better outcomes for your organisation and customers with GoodHuman. Our one connected platform addresses the complexity of providing services on the NDIS with simple solutions like smart NDIS rostering software to reduce admin workload and improve frontline workers’ work balance and productivity.

GoodHuman enables you to:

  • Build detailed profiles of employees to match staff
  • Provide instant recommendations of team members based on previous bookings with customers
  • Display the capacity of teams and publish shifts to nominated groups to fill urgent gaps
  • Automatically calculate support staffing ratios for group services
  • Allow staff to nominate their availability to flex up/down as needed
  • Send alerts to administrators when hitting a threshold of hours set according to the award, overtime, or availability
  • Help staff with efficient time-keeping and case notes
  • Prepare team members for their shift with customer case notes and history at their fingertips
  • Maintain compliance around breaks and rostering for staff working complex and challenging shifts
  • Promote simple communication between staff and head office

It’s time to do away with the friction that is getting in the way of the NDIS delivering the best possible outcomes for both customers and their service providers.

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