GoodHuman Launches a New Feature for NDIS Group Services

GoodHuman Launches New NDIS Group Services Feature

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Group services are inherently more complex to manage, so this new feature will support providers who deliver group, centre-based and employment services by providing simple and automated technology to manage support ratios, apportioned billing and claims, rostering, timesheet and capacity management. By removing the complexities of managing group services, your organisation can spend more time focusing on what matters most: delivering amazing customer experiences and bringing people together.

When developing the GoodHuman platform, we co-design features in partnership with our customers and the wider industry to address the challenges of delivering and connecting people to services on the NDIS. Challenges often raised are the huge barriers that exist to providing group services in a way that is viable and scalable for disability support organisations.

Group services are of incredible benefit to the community as a way of bringing people together in a supportive and inclusive environment. While undoubtedly worthwhile, you’ve told us loud and clear that between ongoing NDIS changes, compliance and workforce utilisation challenges and the complex web of administration — there’s a lot of hurdles to jump to make them happen. Too many for some organisations.

This is why we are so thrilled to launch our new NDIS group services feature that will finally allow organisations of all sizes to do away with these challenges. This new addition to the GoodHuman platform will allow customers to:

  • Simplify group service bookings with easy management of group capacity, support ratios and online booking requests
  • Roster the right staff while maintaining accurate support ratios with skills-matching and alerts based on the customers booked into a session
  • Facilitate better communication with customers by enabling team members to chat 1:1 or broadcast messages to all attendees in a session via the GoodHuman customer app
  • Manage internal administration more efficiently with smart rostering and timesheet management
  • Avoid last-minute surprises by receiving alerts to act on immediately when issues like team member or customer cancellations arise
  • Allow team members to manage their admin time more efficiently by submitting session notes for individuals or all attendees at once, including customer notes and incident flagging
  • Streamline NDIS claims by synchronising with customer service agreements and NDIS pricing arrangements to submit claims instantly, including capital costs and non-face-to-face support
  • Get paid sooner by generating invoices automatically based on the agreed ratios and line items in each individuals service agreement and session details
  • Provide timesheets for participants accessing supported employment
  • Save time by creating recurring schedules for regular activities

Simplify group support services with GoodHuman

There’s never been a more important time to invest in group services that provide an opportunity for people to connect.

If you would like to learn more, get in touch today to learn how GoodHuman could work for your business.

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