Supported independent living

Flexible house rostering that takes the guesswork out of scheduling supported independent living services.

Get a bigger picture

Unify customer and workforce data for real-time house insights. See a single view of your revenue forecasts, house capacity and more, regardless of location.

No more workarounds

Get started managing any house, with little operational overhead and intuitive rostering workflows that enable team members to plan and manage rosters faster.

Built-in compliance

Improve point of care accuracy with skill matching, incident management, built-in NDIS billing and connected apps to share the right information to the right people.

How it works



Build a house

Manage location, capacity, amentities, customer plans, tenancy information and their activities.



Plan a roster

Draft, create and edit rosters that align to RoCs to ensure compliance and financial viability.



Manage by exception

Publish shifts directly to team members with all the information they need to deliver the best support for any resident.

Get started with SIL on GoodHuman

Bring your whole organisation into one place with the brand new Supported independent living feature on GoodHuman and see how your organisation can gain huge efficiency improvements

  • Create flexible house profiles and rosters for any house, regardless of location or complexity
  • Access to the complete GoodHuman platform including support coordination, group services, 1:1 bookings, billings, customer managements and more.
  • White-glove, tailored onboarding and implementation with our experienced product, implementation and technical leaders to set you up for smooth process transference and seamless product adoption.
  • Keep your data secure and confidential with GoodHuman’s identity, device and permissions infrastructure.
  • Connect to other critical systems with our open and flexible API.

Key features

House profiles

Easily surface property information such as activites, supervisor contacts, supports and more on any house, regardless of location.

Schedule of support

Drill down into the nitty gritty of each house on any day to see what your customers and team members are up to, including any services outside of the house.

Unified calendar

See all your houses in one place for visibility over projected hours, customer ratios, alerts and even forecasted revenue.

Forecast revenue

Get a better sense of your business’ financial position with oversight into RoC viability and service revenue forecasts aligned with workforce utilisation.

Planning rosters

Set up for success by creating planning rosters that align to RoCs, comply with award and business rules whilst being flexible enough to manage on the fly.

Ratio calculation

Ensure the optimal staff are rostered on any hour of the day by setting ratios for hours, weeks or across multiple days.

Flexible billing

Charge customers per week, fortnight or by hour to provide greater transparency with customers and more efficient time to cash.

Team insights

See in real-time workforce utilisation insights and capacity, and make adjustments responsively.

Incident management

Standardise the way incidents and notes are captured to ensure customers with complex needs are supported with the right people and action when it matters.


More details about SIL on GoodHuman

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Whist GoodHuman solves for the same core challenges of inefficiency and complexity for each organisation, we understand that every business is unique and design our approach to be adaptable to ensure the best outcomes for each organisation. 

Our tailored implementation program follows an agile methodology that promotes continuous improvement through collaboration. A detailed roadmap and timeline will be developed in partnership during planning, but typical implementations will take 3-6months for organisations 500-,1000, and 6-9months for organisations 1,000+.

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GoodHuman offers a user-based pricing structure based on business users. Business users have complete access to the entire GoodHuman platform, including rostering, billing, customer management and all service types, with access based on roles and permissions you set. 

Annual subscriptions cost $300 per user/year and start at 100 users.

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Get started today and join the waitlist to secure your implementation kick-off date in 2023 and GoodHuman’s commitment to our ongoing partnership, providing you with the highest level of attention and care dedicated to the success roll out of SIL across your organisation.

Since 2018, GoodHuman has worked alongside human services leaders to ensure our platform responds to the unique challenges of this complex sector.

We are a diverse bunch of engineers, designers, creators, communicators and thinkers who are connected by a shared ambition to make a meaningful contribution to the world.

Forward-thinking organisations across Australia trust GoodHuman to help them scale and thrive in the human services sector like has never been possible with outdated technology.

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Automation you won't see anywhere else.



Audit-proof your organisation with GoodHuman.



Automatically generate invoices for the correct service, every time, on time.


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Deliver customer-directed care at scale with comprehensive customer records management.


Incident reporting

Automate the paper trail with incident workflows and get the right people to take action when it matters.

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Simplify your rostering with a smart system that helps you to manage changes on the fly.

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