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How to Embrace Change & Remove Friction

Learn how two fearless leaders in the disability support sector are challenging outdated processes to innovate and overcome roadblocks to efficiencies in their human services organisations.

Disability support providers operate in the most complex and heavily-regulated sector in Australia. Paired with a crisis in the workforce, many NDIS providers are in survival mode — focusing on day-to-day sustainability and meeting demand. There never seems to be enough time or resources to get on top of everything, let alone ahead. And it’s getting worse over time. The NDS State of the Disability Sector Report 2021 notes that 65% of support organisations believe that operating conditions are getting worse. It was just 38% in 2019.

For leadership teams in the sector, what does it take to overcome these barriers? What can NDIS providers do to improve customer outcomes and remain financially viable? To find out, we spoke to two modern leaders in the sector who are challenging the status quo — and succeeding.

Armed with insights from fearless CEO, Diane Lynch (Kirinari Community Services) and forward-thinking IT Manager, Peter Ebborn (Fighting Chance), this playbook is a game-plan for challenging inefficient processes to provide better support in the human services and the disability support sector.

You’ll learn:

  • The fortitude human services leaders need in order to transform customer experiences and remain financially viable on the NDIS
  • Tried-and-true engagement techniques for embracing change and adopting new ways of working
  • How to take the first steps toward fearlessness with constructive tips and actions you can execute today

Meet the experts

Portrait photo of Diane Lynch who works at Kirinari. Kirinari are a customer of GoodHuman.
Diane Lynch – CEO, Kirinari Community Services

Diane passionately believes in helping people live a life of joy and at the helm of Kirinari, has worked tirelessly to expand services over nine years — doing away with slow and outdated processes to support Australians in regional communities.

Portrait photo of Peter Ebborn who works at Fighting Chance. Fighting Chance are a customer of GoodHuman.
Peter Ebborn - IT Manager, Fighting Chance

As the family member of someone who has received support from Fighting Chance for almost 10 years, Peter has since brought his wealth of skills and expertise in the IT sector to head up digital transformation within the organisation as it takes on rapid expansion.