Features for human services

Get everyone on the same page with GoodHuman’s customer, workforce and billings management tools.

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All-in-one operating system


Deliver consumer-directed care at scale with a connected customer management system.


Maximise the potential of your workforce with smart rostering tools and an app for frontline staff.


Automate repetitive tasks and leave the calculations to us with our built-in NDIS pricing arrangements and limits.



Put customer at the heart of every workflow

GoodHuman’s connected customer management system ensures client records are up-to-date, easily accessed by your team and information is shared across every workflow.

Customer management system

care at scale

Say goodbye to double handling booking and billing information. Your customer’s digital service agreement and their unique wants and needs drive every single automation in GoodHuman so you can provide the best support every time.

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GoodHuman App

Give your customers a connected experience

Empower your customers by putting the experience back into their hands. We're building a new customer-facing experience that lets your customers manage their bookings, send messages and track their budget all from one easy-to-use app.

Build a more human picture of every customer

Everyone on the same page

One place for all your progress notes, incident reports and documents.

Wonderfully human detail

Capture a better picture of every customer with NDIS funding, service agreements and care information all linked across every customer's profile.

A fully connected experience

NDIS plans, notes, funding, and service agreements all connected and updating in real-time.


Your whole team in one place

Schedule your front team in seconds and match the best support worker to every shift to create better outcomes for everyone.

Give your team the tools they need to do their best work

Claim expenses, capture customer notes, incident reports and more while on the move.

Easily check-in and check-out

Tidy your timesheets by keeping accurate records of when your team starts and finishes their shifts.

Take notes on the go

Ensure details are remembered and invoicing isn’t delayed by prompting team members to complete shift notes, incidents and tag goals when they are top of mind.

Prepare staff for every shift

Equip your team with the care information they need well ahead of every shift — including customer needs, shift notes and instructions.

Manage team availability

Get a clear picture of your workforce capacity and utilisation by accessing up-to-date team member availability and leave requests.

Broadcast open shifts

Fill gaps on the fly by publishing open shifts to an eligible pool of workers based on their availability, location, experience and specialties.


Get everyone on the same page

You only need one platform to manage your human services delivery. Bring all your tools and data together on GoodHuman with our flexible and open API that allows you to integrate with any existing HR, payroll, finance and CRM systems.


Get paid faster with billing automation

Stay in sync with GoodHuman’s built-in custom pricing and NDIS billing engine and turn a tedious, manual process into one that takes only seconds.

Automated Invoicing

Generate invoices and approve them in a flash

Take invoicing from weeks to minutes with automated invoicing that calculates line items based on real-time bookings data.

Built to scale and adapt with you

From scaling NDIS teams to leading human services enterprises, GoodHuman is designed to grow.


Identity, device and process management means only the right people access information.

Data encryption

Data stored locally in Australia, encrypted in transit and at rest to safeguard your organisation.


Security compliance with SOC2, SOC3, ISO 27001, PCI DSS and more.


WCAG 2.0 compliant and continually designing with accessibility at it's core.

All features

Explore more features for every part of your team, from service delivery to compliance.

Group services

Connect all the moving pieces involved in group, centre-based and supported employment disability services.


Incident reporting

Automate the paper trail with incident workflows and get the right people to take action when it matters.


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